Making a Small Room Feel a Bit Larger

by | Oct 15, 2017 | Real Estate

How to Make Your Small Space Feel Big

Are you living in a small home and not sure what to do with the space? Or maybe you have a tiny room in your house and aren’t sure how to make it feel more spacious. Don’t worry! We have multiple tips for making small living quarters look and feel bigger.

Choose the right paint color

Walls that are painted a lighter color are generally more reflective, making a room look more open and inviting. Softer tones such as white, cream, gray, blue or even green can make your room look brighter and therefore more expansive.

Painting wall trim a lighter color than your walls will make them appear farther back, creating the illusion that the space is larger than it is. To avoid making your small room look even tinier, stay clear of dark colors because they will absorb light rather than reflect.

Take advantage of natural lighting

Rid your windows of dark curtains and shades and upgrade to sheer curtains or easy-to-open blinds. Natural lighting and views of the outdoors will immediately make a space seem bigger and more open.

Mirrors to help add depth

Mirrors can create the illusion of depth, making a room appear larger. Now that you have more natural lighting, try placing mirrors near your windows to reflect the outdoors.

Hang shelves near the ceiling

Consider hanging shelves near the ceiling in order to draw the eye upward, making the room seem taller and more spacious. While you’re at it, painting the ceiling will also create the same spacial effect.

Rid your space of small decorations

Lots of small decorations can make a room look cluttered and disorganized. Get rid of all the small decorations and upgrade to just a few large decorations. This will make the area look less crowded and more spacious.

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