Landscaping and Other Exterior Tips For Improving Curb Appeal

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Real Estate

Edging Sidewalks

One of the easiest ways to awaken an area’s elegance is with an edge. You do not have to have an expensive edger tool or landscaping experience in order to clean up your sidewalks and concrete driveways. Just turn your weed eater sideways and it will clean it up, but make sure to try a practice surface first! This small trick can help transform your sidewalks. Obviously, you should also trim around trees and near the house in places the lawnmower does not reach.

Patio with Fire Pit

The front of the house is not the only thing that can improve the value of your house. The should feel like an extension of the house. You can build a patio and a fire pit easily transforming your empty backyard into an extra room. The patio you can make with slate or pebble rocks fairly easily. Adding this small feature to the outside of a home can create an additional living space extension and allows future buyers to envision themselves with family and friends outside, rather than seeing a plain undecorated patio.

Trees and Small Flower Beds 

Small flower beds, bushes, and trees can help raise your curb appeal. One thing that makes them look better is small retaining walls, such as stone or large rocks. This will transform them into beautiful sights you already have into masterpieces. This is one of the easiest and quickest things on this list, but it cannot be understated.


Everyone loves the smell of freshly laid mulch during the spring and summer months! While the smell is nice, the appeal is visual. Freshly laid mulch can enhance a flower bed’s visual apparel tenfold. Beyond the flower bed, it is important to mulch around any street-visible trees and bushes. If your home has a back patio, porch, or deck with additional flower beds, bushes or trees, we recommend putting fresh mulch around these as well so that the outdoor living space has the same appeal to potential buyers as when they first pulled up to the home.

Trimmed Bushes and Cut Grass

A pretty common fact is that yards that have been mowed look better than yards that have been neglected for several weeks. Make sure that while your home is on the market you are keeping your grass cut and the right height. While a small step, this can make a huge difference in how potential buyers view the outside of your home. Additionally, make sure that any bushes are trimmed appropriately. If a potential buyer sees flaws in the yard work, it may seem like more of a chore to them to handle if they were to purchase the home.

Pressure wash

Last but not least, sometimes homes or sheds or detached garages just simply need to be pressure washed. From season to season, dirt, dust, pollen and grass clippings can find their place on the siding of a home making it look dirty. This can turn off a buyer as it is one more thing they have to do to make this house their home. If you notice build up on your siding or the siding is looking discolored, make sure to pressure wash or hire someone to pressure wash the home. This final step along with the others above will ensure your home has the most curb appeal on your block!

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