Organizing Your Home for Going Back to School

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Real Estate

Although many of us may still be in denial that summer is closer to ending now that it’s August, back to school time is upon us. While your kids will be back on a schedule and into a routine again, readjusting at home to a busy academic schedule can be challenging without proper organization and planning. And, if you and your kids have gotten a little too used to waking up without an alarm, getting out the door with everything you need can send you into panic mode. Here are a few tricks to organize your home for an easier transition back to school.

Create a charging station. Setting up a central place where each family member stores their phone, tablet, and computer each night will help ensure that when you’re trying to get out the door, you know where to find things and that everything is charged up. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening a dead device. An added bonus of a charging station is that utilizing a central spot can help break the habit of sleeping next to (or even with) your devices. It can also help your kids have less screen time.

Have a drop-zone. Instead of letting your kids walk in and drop their stuff wherever they please with a backpack in the garage, shoes in the laundry room, and homework scattered throughout the kitchen implement a home drop-zone. A drop zone can include hooks to hang coats and bags, a shoe rack, and perhaps even a paper center. This will help save time each evening and every morning and hopefully create less stress when getting out the door.

Organize your pantry so that kids can easily pack their lunches and grab breakfast each day. Using dedicated bins for lunch snacks like chips, crackers, and granola bars will help them quickly grab what they need without taking out half of the pantry each day. Put these items in clearly labeled containers and within easy reach so they can do this without your help. Also, think about making a breakfast station or a dedicated breakfast area in your pantry so that it’s easy to find what they want and return it when they’re done.

Each one of these ideas can be done on a very small budget, or even for no cost at all. However, the time and stress savings could be major. This is an ideal time to think about how your home can work harder to serve you and with the transition of going back to school, even the most change-adverse family members can remain happy.

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